Act Midsummer now available

Interestingly, it took Apple quite a lot longer to get this one up on the store – a side effect of the sheer volume of the submissions they face, I suspect.

Anyway, the search index appears to have been updated. You can get it here.

I now have to get back to them regarding the free version and get the next play sorted out. Henry V ?


Act Misummer Free is on the launch pad

A little more attention to the pagination, and an update to the text of the MORE page and it’s ready to go.  Next,  either the ‘Scottish Play’ or the Tempest.  Suggestion on a postcard…

Act for Much Ado – now available

Apple approved it overnight. Available now on the app store. Free. Act Much Ado

Midsummer submitted

Mental note – you need to acquire an app store distribution provisioning profile first.

Second mental note – don’t try this after a glass of wine.


Midsummer Night’s dream is ready to go

The paid version of MND is ready to go. I’ll submit it tomorrow after good night’s sleep. Next on the list is the free version followed by that Scottish play or possibly something by Oscar Wilde.

Nothing back yet from Apple on the first submission, but I wouldn’t expect anything before next week at the absolute earliest.

The Next App

Email a script to an actor, they can read it and learn it in the same way as the stand alone plays already available. The big question in my mind is ‘What other features ?’ Currently I’m thinking notes, director’s blocks, security for high value scripts, memory drills, attach photos/videos, libraries of plays, share via wifi/bluetooth. I’m looking for feedback from actors, writers and directors as to where to go with this idea.

Negative criticism welcome too.

The next play

Almost certainly ‘A Midsummer Night’s dream’. Arguments between Oberon and Titania probably explain current weather conditions.